Vino2Go Wine Tumbler

Vino2go is a Sippy cup designed especially for taking wine at outside events, food festivals or on transit.The Vino2go double wall tumbler is a BPA-free, convenient and easy to use drink ware that is designed to have a familiar wine glass shape inside insulated by a tumbler with a spill proof lid.

This ingenious wine tumbler is designed in the USA using SAN plastic, a copolymer, clear plastic that makes it ideal for use in utensils such as kitchen ware.Vino2go wine tumblers come with colored different tops such as Merlot red, Ice Clear and Verde green, providing a large choice for the users.

For those who indulge a little too much, and end up spilling their drink everywhere, Vino2go is a cool way to solve the problem. These elegantly designed wine tumblers resists breakage and retain the classy look that wine connoisseurs love to be associated with by providing a durable, double walled tumbler complete with a spill proof Sippy lid.

Your precious vintage drink remains in the tumbler. Vino2go are great cups for camping and traveling too. Already, the Vino2go is receiving rave reviews among so called “action” wine drinkers who may find it hard to sit down and relax, especially when they have a vacation to maximize and places to see.

Hence for adventurous wine lovers, there is no need to worry anymore about using the right glass or giving up your great wines when you travel away from 3-5 star hotel comforts, vino2go can effectively solve the problem.

The vino2go introduces the need for care on the part of parents with excited and curious toddlers or children. The vino2go Sippy wine tumbler is not to be confused with a juice Sippy on the part of the children.

Extra care may be needed to ensure that the kids or toddlers don’t get their hands on mum and dads vintage drink.

The vino2go wine tumblers are consistently out of stock in many major outlets pointing to the fact that many wine lovers can now have their wine on the go.

Vino2go also make for great gifts during the holiday season or for birthdays.




Wine drinkers rejoice the Vino2Go wine sippy cup is here.  There is a new product on the market. It is a wine glass inside of a spill-proof Sippy cup. Sounds a bit crazy, however, it is the current trend. Not everyone drinks wine while sitting back and relaxing in a calm environment. Some people prefer to drink wine while doing chores or even on a boat. Instead of worrying about spilling the wine on your clothes, put it in a spill proof cup that can still be considered sophisticated.

The Vino2Go looks like a wine glass inside of a plastic tumbler. You have your choice of a variety of lids, so you can be bold and chose the pink, or take a simple design approach and choose the clear lid. These tumblers do not shatter when dropped and they won’t leak either.

These don’t have to be used for young people who just want to have fun on boats and playing games while drinking their wine.

Reviews on the Vino2Go say that it works great when you are out camping, or have kids who often run around knocking into glasses on the tables. This helps avoid all those stains that often appear on carpets and linens. The lid seals well so that you don’t have to worry about spills.

Besides the already mentioned uses, other uses include tailgating, walking around Vegas (where it is legal to walk in public with alcohol), gifts for the wine lovers in your life, if you or someone you know is prone to spilling drinks, and many more.

The Vino2Go glass has a 10 Oz capacity and is made of SAN acrylic plastic, and is BPA free. It is designed in the USA, but made in China.  The cup is double wall insulated and has a wine glass inner liner design. The dual wall construction prevents condensation on the cup and keeps the wine at a controlled temperature for an extended period of time, versus the traditional wine glass. The cup has a push on/off thumb slide lid. The lid not only prevents spills, but also keeps the wine free from bugs and outdoor particles.

There are many different colored lids to choose from. The colors available may vary depending on the website you intend to purchase from. The colors are pink, red, green, black, and clear.

All in all, the Vino2Go is a simple design, with a genius purpose. It serves not only as a functional wine glass that you won’t have to worry about spilling, but also is a great gift for friends.